ACME 8: Blackboard

ACME writes a set of variables to the blackboard. You can retrieve and use the variables by using:

(vl-bb-ref 'variable)

What follows is a summary of variables:

Blackboard variableDescription
acme-bb-start-acmeUsed value of env. variable StartACME.
acme-bb-run-docT when .acme files were found. Otherwise nil.
acme-bb-apps-listAll results of parsing .acme files.
acme-bb-help-listsHelp file locations.
acme-bb-per-doc-listRoutines to start with every document.
acme-bb-per-session-listRoutines to start at program start.
acme-bb-search-path-listThe search path set derived from .acme files.
acme-bb-trusted-path-listTrusted paths requests.
acme-bb-cui-listMenu load requests.
acme-bb-cmd-listCommand lists requests for S::Startup.
acme-bb-bin-uriACME binary location.
acme-bb-app-uriACME data location.
acme-ran-onceDid ACME run at program start (not document start)? T or nil.
acme-bb-platform-sfsp-listCAD Platform SFSP
acme-bb-priority-sfsp-listPriority SFSP
acme-bb-drive-order-sfsp-listDrive Ordered SFSP
acme-bb-final-tail-sfsp-listTail and Network SFSP
acme-bb-lisp-link-listLinked programs from the Lisp pool.
acme-bb-lisp-load-listLoaded programs from the Lisp pool.
ACME 8: Blackboard
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