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Why we use Lisp?

You need a programming language to program smart things for CAD. There is a lot of choice …

So why on earth would we program in Lisp?

Good question!

Lisp (historically LISP) is a family of programming languages with a long history. Lisp (1958) is the second-oldest high-level programming language in widespread use today.

Lisp is an old balanced programming language and very much alive.
CAD processes are easy to automate with the help of Lisp.

  • It is cross-platform and also works on Mac and Linux systems, where VisualBasic and .NET are not an option.
  • Millions of programs have been written in Lisp. An investment that should not be overlooked. Lisp is a “keeper”.
  • Lisp does what it’s supposed to do.
  • Lisp has third-party support available. (like NedCAD)
  • Results can often be obtained faster and cheaper.
  • Lisp is often used to support ARX / BRX.

Lisp routines that no longer work?
After an update or new version of a CAD package?
We can offer you a solution.

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